Laser-Cut Acrylic Interior Signage for Firefly Acupuncture & Wellness

This is a nice example of laser-cut acrylic. The text is acrylic with a brushed aluminum laminate and the company logo is painted to match the customer’s PMS color. Normally I’d put something this size on with double-sided tape and silicone but in this case, it’s all stud mounted. Looks good on the grey. We also installed six 3/16″ thick acrylic prints of various sizes.

High-Rise Mesh Banner Installation for “Got Milk” campaign

A few weeks ago I got a call to come save the day in Kansas City, and I mean save the day for real, they were out of options. The company that was going to install the 60′ X 87′ mesh banner at the roofline of the 30 story building downtown for a production company filming a Got Milk commercial backed out at the last minute. Long story short I flew, and my crew drove, and we did the installation in about five hours the morning after we arrived. They were totally blown away and so relieved we literally saved all of their days, and jobs, dozens of people were onsite in KC. Without the banner the commercial doesn’t work and the job couldn’t continue. We all had to sign NDA’s on site so I haven’t been able to talk or post about the job until now. Here’s a link to the commercial and I’ve included pics from the job.

This is the YouTube link to the Got Milk commercial, it’s pretty cool…